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Bruce Sterling Got Married

There’s not much on the internets about the marriage of my hero, Bruce Sterling, author, blogger, design instructor, and speaker to one Jasmina Tesanovic.

This is a peculiar bit of news I first heard word of on boingboing and confirmed the next day on his own blog.

I read his blog, and his Viridian list, bought his new book Shaping Things and had no idea such an event was forthcoming. I was not surprised that he would want privacy for such an event, I myself was quite private about my own wedding last year up until a month or so before.

I was surprised because my understanding was that Bruce was married with children, and there is google-able evidence that he was married to Nancy Sterling, the mother of his two children. I know he and she and their kids shared a big home in Austin at which they threw big parties.

It’s interesting to maybe the folks who follow these things.

Perhaps there needs to be a gossip column like Defamer or Gawker to cover science-fiction luminaries and their various personal intrigues.

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