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One World Cafe, SLC

Leah and I ate at One World Cafe (( 41 S. 300 East; Salt Lake City, Utah 84103)) in Salt Lake City with Alison and her boyfriend last month. It was great! Read about it here: In a World of Its Own:

Salt Lake City’s One World Cafe breaks two of the most fundamental rules of the restaurant business.First, there are no menus. Diners at the restaurant, 41 S. 300 East, eat whatever sparks the culinary imagination of owner and chef Denise Cerreta.

Most days she offers soup, one or two salads, quiche, a main entree and a dessert, all of which were inspired by the fresh, organic produce and meats she buys that day.

Customers can fill their plates with as much, or as little, as they want and — here is the second business breach — pay what they feel their meal is worth. In place of a cash register, Cerreta has a brown basket where patrons place their money.

I love the unconventional approach, that seems to be working great. If you don’t have enough money to pay you can work in the kitchen. I think an hour’s work gets you a meal. What an amazing and revolutionary idea.

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Great Restaurant… I love the fresh food, theme rooms, and re-used furniture. It cater’s to many of beliefs on not wasting food, furniture…

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