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I freaking hate my job.
I hate hate hate it.
I’ve been a therapist for a little over 2 years now.
Why did I become an RT?
There is no freakin’ respect from nurses, even though I went to school the same length of time they did, and no respect from anyone really.
I feel like I just wasted 4 years of my life in school for something that I am misreable in.
Plus I am an asthmatic and I get sick all the time from the sick little patients that I take care of.
I like taking care of people, I’m just not liking the stuff that I have to deal with: the lack of respect, the low pay and getting sick all the time.
I am frustrated.

Hey Unhappy,

You sure sound frustrated. hope you can find something that is more nurturing for you if you decide to look for it. or, if you decide to stay an RT, here’s hoping your circumstances improve.

Take care of yourself.

Respect is earned. There are M.D.s I don’t respect or trust in an emergency. If you have knowledge and skill, respect will come, even from RNs.

Now, to the question. I have just started blogging. I gave up the hospital work for the more lucrative medical equipment gig. I developed and just started blogging on Blogger.

I wanted to do a blog for respiratory patients. There are so many changes happening in Respiratory right now. Some are exciting. Others disturbing. We’ll see how it goes and if I can provide something useful for someone else, it will be worth the effort.

I’m real glad to have found this blog.

Glad to hear it Bob! I’m happy to see other Respiratory Therapists Blogging — in whatever forum!

Good luck!

Jennifer Setinek

July 8, 2008 12:32pm

Hey Joe!
I’m Jen, a RT from Chicago (land) and I’m so freaking upset right now… UGH!!!! I want to drive to Kansas right now and make some misery at NBRC headquarters, they suck sooooooo much!!!

I graduated from an RRT eligible program in 1992 with honors, took my CRT exam in Nov of 1992, and my RRT exams the following year. I’ve worked at some of the best hospitals in Chicago, and faithfully completed my CEU’s and licensure every year. The state of Illinois requires 30 CEU’s every two years with the license renewal.
About five months ago, I received a post card from the NBRC about submitting my CEUs to them before my “credentials expired”. it was very vague and contained no dates. NOTE: I HAVE ALL OF THE CEUS required!!! Stupidly, I went and asked everyone what this meant, and was told over and over that I shouldn’t worry about it as long as I had fulfilled the requirements for my state CEU’s, I was covered for the NBRC. I admit- I didn’t pursue it, kept forgetting about it, should have looked it up on the internet to see what the hell they were talking about!!The stupid postcard disapearred into oblivion, although I did start digging up proof of five years worth of CEU’s last month, with the intention sending them in.

ApparentlyMy credentials “expired” June 30th, eight days ago.

I casually went on line today, DUG through the NBRC’s site to find out how to fulfill their CEU expectations, paid them $25 for the pleasure of what? I don’t know, and then was looking for where I would have to submit the CEU proof.
Guess what? My credentials have expired- and the #@!!?**^ conniving (sp) back stabbing soul-less bastards at the NBRC require that I :


Quite the punishment for not typing in some information, isn’t it!!??

I am just sick, sick, sick!!! I’m a single mother who’s killed myself in this field, for half of the pay that our nursing buddies are making!I made a great effort to better myself and become an RRT before it was required of me, and the cost of these exams was no small feat back four years ago when I was just making my way into the field. I was NOT and have not been rewarded monetarily for making that RRT effort.

I think this must be a sign from God to get out of this field- we are not and have not been rewarded for our hard work… we have a board that does not support us and has been widely known for constantly trying to suck suck suck more and more blood money out of its members… blood sucking soul-less vampire bastards- I hope you all burn in hell!!!


Isn’t there anything that can be done about this?? Does anyone know of another way? I honestly won’t retake and repay these ?*#@!! PEOPLE another blinking DIME of my very hard earned money… I would rather crawl in bed with my next MRSA infected patient and french kiss them than give these bastards ANYTHING!! I really really understand what people have been saying about the NBRC all along- And what kind of national board FORCES you to pay annual dues? The desperate disliked kind, that’s what….

Anyhow, Joe- thanks for letting me beef- I’m not the gun-toting violent kind, don’t worry. I never thought I’d call myself an Ex- RRT, but as said, it looks like the gods have a different career in mind for me….

Sick in Chicago

I have NEVER sent any CEU proof to the NBRC. I’m not even a member. I have heard they are financially strapped but this sounds like some sort of scam.
My belief is once you have been issued credentials the NBRC has no authority over your State license and no authority to revoke credentials. You passed the requirements for the NBRC. After that point they are not the governing body of your license.
Good luck!

Jennifer Setinek

July 9, 2008 3:23pm

Thanks Bob, but unfortunately the two are seperate things- we’re all required to get CEU’s and pay for our state licensure (I think everyone is), and in Illinois, we’re required to get 24 (not 30 like I posted last) every two years with our $100 licensure charge. I have those for the last 5 years, and in fact, was audited the second year… so Illinois has actual hardcopies of my CEU’s for 2005 and 2006.
THe NBRC is saying that I had to send or type in the CEUs for them prior to June 30th, my fifth year since I received my last credential. They apparently passed a law in 2002 that says every NEWLY credentialed therapist has to do this as of July 2002. I wasn’t aware that we needed to do anything seperately for the NBRC- I thought they would be able to look at my Illinois licensure and SEE that I had fulfilled my CEU requirement. I also had NO IDEA that they would do something this serious.They say that we were notified when we received our credentials- but I swear to you the only thing I received from them was a Congrats! letter for becoming an RRT, and then a card/patch. No “Here are your requirements to keep your credentials”. That was five years ago. Then six months ago, I received a lame loseable vague postcard with NO dates/requirements and nothing that relayed quite how serious this was. And then NOTHING ELSE!! You would think they would have sent one more notice prior to taking away my credentials!!
So, if I don’t retake my boards and pay the money in two years, then it will in turn effect my license- because the NBRC reports to the state of Illinois (and all other states) that I/we have lost my/our credentials.
So, anyhow- Bob, you’ve never had to send in CEU proof because you got your credentials prior to July 2002, see?

Looking forward to hearing anything else my fellow therapists might have to say,
Sick in Chicago. Jen


I am in Florida, we also have a state license. I know that there is a fee to keep up the NBRC credential listing in the book, however I too have never heard of sending your CEUs to the NBRC. I have been CRTT & RRT for quite some time. Also, I have never received this letter. Next time I go to the hospital I am going to ask about this, see if anyone has ever gotten one. If you have your state credentials in order, you should be legal to work.

Out of curiousity I just looked at my NBRC credentials, and there are no expiration dates on the certificates. All licenses that expire must have an expiration date, none do. I was registered for I think about 4 years before the Florida State License was inacted, and during that time there were no CEU requirements at the national level. In addition, none of the seminars I have been to recently required my NBRC registry number, which would be imperative if the NBRC was collecting this information.

I also have CE Broker, and they too only send my CEU info to the state. I have no idea what they do in Illinois, but what you describe is not something I have ever heard of.

Jennifer Setinek

July 23, 2008 5:53am

Louis, thank you for your comments… but unfortunately, this new law was put into effect on July 2002, and only affects those who got certified/ and or registered after that date… the NBRC will not require anything of you. All of the post 2002 RTs do have expiration dates on their cards/certificates (five years after passing the exams)- I’ve just asked some of the newer graduates to show me theirs. However, they too HAD NO IDEA what the NBRC is/will require of them. No one is clear on what they expect, and I am just now walking around and telling folks what they will need to do. Great for everyone else, sucks to be me.

Please, I’m begging you all out there- please look into this…
Do you all agree that the punishment does not fit the crime? Remember please that I HAVE fulfilled all of my CEU requirements, all of my licensure requirements, have passed all of my exams, DID pay the NBRC a fee to be active, blah blah. The only thing I didn’t do was to send in Proof of the CEUs I’d ALREADY TAKEN on time! (although the state of Illinois does have proof of the CEUs I’ve already taken!)

Is this reason that I should lose all of my credentials and eventually licensure??? If you commit a crime on the job (IE steal on the job) you are at least given a hearing before possibly losing your credentials and licensure!! I am not even eligible for that!!

I’m still sick, jen in chicago

Jennifer Setinek

July 28, 2008 12:02pm

Well, it’s official- I’ve lost my credentials from the NBRC because I didn’t send in copies of the CEUS I’d already taken. I sent in my best people, who were on the board of the ISRC (illinois board) and also on the board of the AARC. They are in complete agreement that this is nonsensical, but alas, the NBRC remains heartless, money grubbing and relentless. And now I can’t work as a respiratory therapist at hospitals until I retake the exams. And pay them the $500 to become a CRT, almost a $1000 to become an RRT again. No hearing, no warnings, nothing, I’m unemployed. I wonder if I’ll get unemployment from the state of Illinos?

sick in chicago

I was wondering if anyone can give me advice on how to get back in getting my CRT license. I finished my Respiratory program back in 2007, but life took me elsewhere and taking the exam and getting certified fell off my career but now that my life is situated, I would really like to get my license and start my career…. Although I’m a very bad test taker and had taken the test several times but didn’t make it and just gave up but now I wana try it again with good studying material. I feel like kettering doesn’t help me and its really costly for me to take it again. Please any advice will be helpful. Thanks.

It looks like practice tests are about $40/each. You should be able to get your CRTT credential if you meet the prerequisites and practice. The more practice you can do, the better.

Jennifer – Ouch. If you got your CRT and RRT in the 90’s it should not have affected you. In your 1st post, you wrote you got them in the 90’s.

As you later stated, it affects all who credentialed any time after 2002, any credential.

As an employer, during orientation we discuss the NBRC’s Continuing Competency Program with each new hire, it’s in their Employee Manual and they are reminded about it during their employment as we track it as well.

I surely don’t want to see that happen to one of my employees!
Good luck

Jennifer – that’s awful! It is unfortunate that the Respiratory School you went to didn’t emphasize the point that it is much easier to pay the NBRC $25 or $40 or whatever it is a year to keep track of your credentials; than for you to remember to send them in before your 5 years is up; and yes, they only send you one little postcard that looks like all of the other junk mail we all recieve.
In most cases, if you don’t change the facility you work at, it won’t be a problem, but as soon as you want to get hired at a new facility, you’ll discover your credentials have expired, and the only way to reactivate them is to take the board exams over again!!!
I just graduated Respiratory School in September, and thankfully, they emphasized this requirement to all of us, in the hope that we will not fall into this trap. If you pay your NBRC dues every year, they will keep track of your CEU’s for you, and it won’t be a problem.
Jennifer – I’m sorry you had to find out the hard way; it really sucks! To everybody else credentialed after 2002 – MAKE SURE you either keep your dues paid up with the NBRC, OR send in your verifications before your expiration date!!

Well I stumbled upon this bit of info last night and have been completely messed up since then. I completely forgot about the NBRC, never see them, hear about them etc…none of my coworkers fell into the 2002 category because they all finished earlier so they weren’t aware to remind me. I worked in Home Health, Sleep and IDTF since graduating. So I don’t even use the skills needed to pass the boards again. NC will decide Oct 13 what they will do if your credentials expired and my NC license is good til March 2012. Unfortunately my NBRC expired Aug 2010. So I missed the new 6 month window.

I am sick to my stomach thinking about retaking the exams but I really like my job. It isn’t so much the money to retake the exams but the mental exhaustion of studying and trying to pass the boards. IF I want to keep my current job I have to have my RRT. 190+150 reapp fee for CRT and then 390+300 reapp fee RRTs. BUT IF I wait til 2 yrs lapse I can just start over again like a new grad if they haven’t changed the rules and only pay the $190 and $390. Makes no sense.

I got pregnant 2 weeks after my Clin Sims and then moved to another state 6 months later. I failed to notify the NBRC- again out of sight out of mind and kept up my CEU’s for my NC state license. I failed to notice any articles from the AARC about it and since none of my coworkers had to worry about it… here I am. The NBRC was aware I moved because I had to pay a FEE to them so I could get licensed in the state of NC so it wouldn’t have been that hard to find me…

I would like to know why it is only 2002 grads and not EVERY credentialed therapist that is required to pay the $$ and submit CEU’s. Seems unfair. It should be across the board for active therapists if they are going to do something.

I feel so defeated. I busted my butt for that degree/passing the 3 exams to get to this point. I feel like I wasted 2 yrs of my life.

I would have been more than willing to pay my fees and submit my ceu’s had I known.

I wonder how many people since this has been instated have fallen into this hole???

Dear Shannon- I’m so sorry to hear this is still happening to people, I was the first to post my story here and you can also read my initial story on “The NBRC ruined my life”. There’s so many stories there that are the exact same as yours. I get an email at least once a month from someone that is going through a horror story compliments of the NBRC. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything to do but go ahead and take your boards again, you obviously can’t be unemployed for two years. It’s a painful unnecessary lesson that we’re being given, and I keep hoping that it will happen to someone who has some money and pull, then maybe they will make their requirements known to every respiratory therapist, and make the consequences Clear to everyone. Knowledge is power, and we were not given the necessary information to make the appropriate decisions. Too sad that such an incompetent corporation is in charge of our profession!!

I have been telling my coworkers about NBRC credentialing for last four years. Unfortunately, no one believed me, including my supervisor. Now two coworkers have lost their credentials. Luckily, Iowa does not require you to maintain your CRT to practice. Some employers do. I have been trying to inform new RTs about logging CEUs early, but they seem to all know better. I’m done, I will worry about myself.

I do not blog about respiratory issues. I will have to see if you have something up at this time.

home care RT

April 25, 2013 11:04pm

I hate being an RT. I thought I would enjoy it but to be honest I feel like everyone just tries to out smart the each other…. Well at least were I come from it seems that way anyways. Everyone is all competitive with each other and the nurses are down rt nasty no matter where you go… That I don’t get either…There are no jobs here in PA and it seems like all these school keep pumping out students? So even in home health care it is hard to get a job and keep it…I feel lost and now my dead line for the RRT is coming up and I don’t even want to waste my time with it… Hell if I can’t get a real respiratory job what is the pt… I don’t mean to be super negative but I have been in nothing but home health care and I have lost a lot of my college education… It feels that way anyways… I just wish I knew what I could do to get me excited about my job again…

hi there “home care RT” – I wish I knew what to tell you. Part of what’s great about the medical professions is how it opens up the possibility to move. That’s how I used my RT skills – I moved to where things were better.

Hey Joe. I just found this blog b/c I’m depressed with my job. I’m kind of comforted by the fact I’m not the only one. I went to a lousy school, not a trade college that charges 60k, but an actual Jr College that fired two instructors in 5 years of existence and in the process it is the graduates who suffer. I barely found a per diem job 2 years after graduation, and the orientation wasn’t that great and coupled with the bare minimum I received I’m school I feel like I am not a good RT.

My patients love me and appreciate me because I’m a real good person but I don’t know if RCP is what I’m meant to practice. I applied for another allied health career that has no critical patients at all and I have now decided to pursue that instead while working through college as an RT on the weekends.

Are you still an RT? Why are most RTs unhappy? Is this contagious?

JM, I’m sorry to hear you’re unhappy in your work. Work can be a source stability and comfort, and it sounds like it’s not that for you.

As far as your education not being great, that’s something you can do something about. Continuing education, in its many forms is a boon to the RT who feels undereducated. Most hospitals have a medical library of some kind. I used to make an effort to visit and try to brush up on what I didn’t know. Some RTs seek out mentors – more senior RTs, nurses, MDs who can provide guidance on how to expand their skillsets.

I found being an RT very rewarding – but I have not done it in over 10 years, having transitioned to being a computer programmer. I will tell you though, job dissatisfaction is all around in any line of work you might choose. You have to figure out how to do good work and provide quality craft in a way you can be proud of.

As far as whether RTs are uniquely unhappy – I have met unhappy doctors, nurses, programmers, retail people, real estate agents, electronics technicians – so take from that what you like.

Sometimes in my work, I’ve been frustrated for weeks on end because of thorny problems or unrealistic expectations. The struggle is to carry on to get to the place where I’m happy. Sometimes it’s led me to quit jobs, sometimes I just have to weather the storm to get to a better spot.

home care RT

May 4, 2013 6:41pm

I wish I could move Joe that would fix a lot of my problems but also create some. I share custody of oldest child here in Pa and I don’t know how things would be if I moved away. It scares me to even think about. Plus I know my son likes to see the other side of his family every weekend… For now I guess I gotta volunteer my time in a hospital and hope they kinda give me a position and stay positive… I do like my job in home health care but sometimes man its just gross (bedbugs and cockroaches). I worry about bringing that stuff home with me plus all the other things I can’t see… Maybe I am also unhappy with my boss? My boss is not an RT and he has no idea whats going on ever… Plus it does not help he loves I mean LOVES to gossip and I hate it!

Hello, I am looking for information about getting my RRT license back. I completed a RRT program in California in 1997, passed the CRT test and had my license. I never went to work in the field and instead went into family business and later started my own business at the same time. License was cancelled in 2000. Never regretted it until 3 years ago when my business fell apart and I sold what was left, the family business also suffered when economy took a major hit. My question is can I get my license back without having to go back to school? thank you.

Home care RT, I wish there was something I could do, it sounds like a hard situation to be on for you.

Justin, in not sure what the rules are for your situation. I think you need to talk to the NBRC and the California Respiratory State Board to get a handle on what steps you need to do to get to a place where you can renew your State license.

home care RT

May 5, 2013 11:51am

I know like I said I am just going to try and stay positive and do as many CEUs as I can to keep up with everyone :)… Also try to volunteer at a hospital in the ICU and NICU. I guess I just need to vent to ppl that know what I am going through. 🙂

Hello everyone I share all of your feelings. The anger about CEUs and the happy parts of my job when a patient with pneumonia recovers and does well. Or when I simply educate a COPDer that wants to learn.There is not one place that I have worked at that I did not have to prove myself no matter where I went but over time I got trust and acceptance from them. I have been working at this new job for a couple months now in disease management and educating patients in nursing homes on COPD management and pneumonia prevention. I also come across a lot of patients with CHF and I educate them on how it effects their breathing. We talk about deep breathing techniques and little things they can do to help them with every day actives. A lot of the nurses in the one nursing facility are always watching me. I mean right on top of me and listening to everything I say to patients and it is getting on my last nerve!!!!! So I am trying my best and trying to not get into anyone’s way at the same time but geese can I get a break! They look over shoulder and ask me about my orders all the time. No matter what they are….. I am the only RT that goes to this facility and the last one that was there was fired for not picking up patients that clearly could use RT help. Not to mention the other RTs that work for the same company as me do not want to take on this nursing home and are afraid of it. The nurses are always waiting for me to mess up and if I do make a simple mistake they are all over me. I am only human (and a young mom) and I am not perfect none of us are but I am still learning my way around the building and where things are. Some of the nursing staff help me out a lot others are just out rt nasty and think I am a waste of time. Funny thing is I have made a lot of positive changes with patients and education for nurses. I have not got any recognition for it but like I said I know I need to earn my respect. It seems my supervisor likes me but the nursing staff doubts everything that I do. I mean everything. It is just so annoying. I work really hard for my patients and my family. I am a young mom and have a full time job at home as well at work. It is just gets to me sometimes bc I am trying really hard to make a difference and some positive changes. I guess I just needed to get that out but it will still be on my mind until I go back into work Monday and face the music all over again. One thing is for sure I can’t wait for the weekends lol but I always end up worrying that someone will be all in my face on Monday all over again bla. So it is what it is all I can do is my best and hope for the best. In the mean time I am going to get a glass of wine and try to relax lol.

Personally becoming an RT is the best thing that I ever chose to do. With anything in life you get from it what you put in.

UPDATE: I have come to accept the hardships that do come with this job and you know what I am only a CRT! The nurses and I have an understanding and I have earned my respect and communicate with everyone as much as possible…. Communication is KEY… Even if the nurse doesn’t want to hear it I still tell them what is going on with the resident and get my point across without insult of course. But on to my big problem lol I tried to take the RRT and I failed. I am not sure how to study for it and it has been extremely difficult with 2 young children to raise in my home as well. Well my three years are up and now I have to retake the CRT and take the RRT. Iew well it is my own fault. But I did take the RRT 3 times and failed by a couple points every time? I have been keeping up with my CEUs and my licence I do feel bad I can not for the life me pass the RRT and now I am not sure what will happen to me with all the changes in the future… Just a little worried and looking into other careers. But I have grown into the one I am at now and I love this place and what I have earned with it. I have paid my dues and worked really hard. I just hope I will still have this job 10 yrs from now with all the changes in the future.

I really need some help passing my crt exam I took it one time and failed it please someone help me I have been out for 5 years know and I could really need some help I have the kettering book i have been studing for about 2 weeks know some things is so hard for me to get still please someone tell me what is the best thing to get to study for my crt exam.

Practice tests is the whole thing. In my day my college had practice tests and you just gotta buckle down. Memorize all the key parts. I imagine the test has changed since I took it in the 90s but studying is the thing.

thank you

Forget not getting respect from the Nurses, Nurses aren’t supposed to undestand Respiratory Therapist as much as a Respiratory Theraist would, myself and other Day Shift Respiratory Therapist are constantly being backstabbed by the RT’s that work night shift. The Director of Respiratory is the wrong man for the job, he actually enourages this type of behavior. After one of our Chronic, end stage Lung Disease Pts. passed he, the Director of Respiratory mentioned in morning Report that we had gotton rid of her, that she was a Pain in the @$$, this was back in March of 2016. I reported this to the DOR’S Boss, but they are good Friends. Its 11/2016 two of the long time RT’s have gone prn and another one of the two finally put in a two week notice because of this Man. Profanity is allowed with this DOR, he dosent seem to realize what a Director of a Department is supposed to allow and not allow or even how he himself is supposd carry himself, he is partial and part of the gang. Talking here with other Respiratory Professionals gives me an opportunity to get it out there.
Respiratory is a good Profession, it was bettera while back, with larger staffs, but with tighter budgets, Departments have cut back on Staff, now its a 12 hour marathon, most of the time its a sprint. The pay is better than average, the pay hadn’t kept people from leaving the Field, some have gone into Nursing, some have gone into Business and struck it Rich, I’m talking really Rich. I’m looking to get out of the Respiratory Circus all together and leave these Clowns, especially that cold hearted, apathethetic, pathetic disrespectful Director for Greener Pastures, yea, a lot of times, the Grass is greener on the other side, its as Green as you want to make it.

I’m an RRT and know I shouldn’t be in healthcare. However, I graduated anyway to finish what I started. Degree and license in hand I started my job at a local hospital. Everything I learned in school is bullshit and I was not prepared for what RRT’s have to go through. I have only been a therapist for 2 years and my attitude is “meh” I decided I really don’t give a f*&$ any more. Nurses want treatments on pt’s who dont need them, fine. Do I go above and beyond my duties to actually make a difference, nope. I sling my treatments out, do what I need not to get fired and collect my pay. The RRT’s who are going to whine at me for being a bad representation of respiratory therapy can kiss my butt because for every 1 of you, there’s 15 of me. I’m just telling it like it is. Personally I dont mind showing up to work going thru the motions and getting paid $20/hr. Sure beats McDonald’s Lol

i am an RT in MA, i just found out i lost my credentials with the nbrc, claiming that is the law and i was notified……NOOOO i was never notified. now i have to take the exam again….i dont even wanna talk about the NBRC….it is a legal thief period.
my question is:
will i lose my license in massachusetts if i already lost them with NBRC ?
will i be able to renew my Mass license if my NBRC credentials are expired?
please i need your help. this is frustrating, the NBRC treats us like potential clients to make money for them, they dont respect RTs themselves, let alone the hospital staff will respect you!!
i just got off the phoone with them, they are as bad as lucifer. i wish i never picked this major just because i have to deal with them.
thank you

It looks like Massachusetts does not require NBRC credentialing as part of their licensure process. But contact them ASAP.

Pity about the expiration – it’s a 5 year cycle – as I understand it and if you move or whatever you need to keep that up with the NBRC.

Good luck kimo.

thank you Joe
i am really frustrated with the nbrc and their customer service…i had a woman by the name of marcy actually giggled at my frustration 3 times, and being sarcastic,
iam sorry nbrc if you are reading this, you Are INCOMPETENT.
thank you again i will check with them.
i hope this blog gets visited by all RTs in the us, this board needs to be checked.

Sushma Sain

April 28, 2020 5:40am

Yes, we have a team of respiratory therapist and according to our therapist there is a most important role of ventilators in Critical Life Care.

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