Married,moved,and getting it together.

Advice To Myself For The Day

(actually, yesterday now)

Lead With Your Chin.


Be gutsy. Be truthful. Be loving. Be authentic. Be love. Be real. Be risky. Be honest. Be spiritual. Be dogged. Be respectful. Be open. Be yourself.

Yo homes, ONWARD.

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Hi, Joe,
i’ve been reading Leah’s blog for a while and clicked over one day to find out about this Joe that she mentions from time to time. You sound like someone who is going through deep personal tumult. You may have discussed it previously, but I wonder what sparked this deep angst? From reading your blog it sounds as though you have been sent spinning into some personal abyss. I see that you are doing deep introspection and seeking out retreats and you post things like this advice post but you really seem to be still searching for something. What is it?

Spinning sounds right. The basic facts are these: I have been not taking care of myself, my needs, and fell into negative patterns. I got whacked upside the head as my patterns hurt others: Leah, but also, and maybe mainly, myself. Leah no longer trusts me, and may not ever. We’re separated psychologically at this moment, and it’s hard. I have myself, mostly, though we’re less separated and more congenial than any other separated couple I’ve ever met.

So in the past two weeks I’ve come to some realizations about my life and implemented radical changes. Counseling. Making old debts right. Working hard. Going to Church. Getting support from friends, family, support groups. Kicking porn. Going to confession. Believing in God. Playing racquetball. Eating better.

I’m trying to take care of myself. This is the hard thing. I have a tendency to make the one I’m with everything. What I need to do is be okay in my own skin.

“Kicking porn?” Maybe you meant kicking it to porn…

Dude, if God thought porn was wrong, why would he have put the first man and woman naked in a giant resort with all those animals?

I think God might have a problem with us paying excessive amounts of money for porn, but then that’s why he gave us the Internet camwhore.

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