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Pioneer Children Walked and Walked

Sans-car, yesterday I walked 4.3 miles, this according to Google Maps Pedometer. My feet HATE me today. And my sandals are now broken, both of them. I slept well last night. I priced bicycles yesterday. Saw a cheapo for $99.99, and at a real bike shop the lowest bike I saw was at least $300. Feh. I coulda used a bike yesterday though.

BlogHer finished for Leah, and she comes home today. Godspeed, lp.

She’s in many photos tagged with blogher on flickr.
This one’s my favorite:

Leah, by avocadoh

It looks like it was a good conference, and not just because my wife is lovely. There’s a liveblog of the panel Leah spoke on.

Next year’s will be in Chicago. I’ve never been to Chicago, so maybe it’ll time to go for me.

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What else did he post in July 2006?

(Sunday July 30th 2006 at 8:42am)


  • 💬 ArtLung : The Sandals Which I Killt Wif My Walking ~ 12 Aug 2006

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I only walked one way. 🙂 It was a return trip, with many layovers.

p.s. was it uphill both ways on your walk? 🙂

sorry, i was being vague. I meant “thanks for the tip that I should go look at the blogher photos.” Normally I wouldn’t look at photos of a conference I didn’t attend. But if they’ve got you or Leah in them? Absolutely!

Last Friday I hiked to the airport, now I know the distance. Thanks for the link.

Wait, which tip? The photo? There’s lots more nice photos of my lovely wife. You can see them by going to my flickr favorites page.

She got home safe, too.

wonderful photo – thanks for the tip Joe!

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