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Americart Pricing Change for Pair Customers

I loved Americart at $15/month when it was through

The pricing has changed now, and the minimum is now at $40/month. I dislike this change immensely.

Any Americart workalikes out there that are at a lower rate? I think it’s time to move away from Americart, much as I have loved recommending them to clients.

More than doubling prices SUCKS. It feels like extortion. And I have to pass this cost along to my clients.


Update: I got the lower rate for one year for a client. I will be looking at alternatives.

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Same position here. Keeping the rate static would keep me as a customer, but huge increases force me to look at alternatives.

There’s a lot of shopping carts out there, but most do far more than Americart and want to run the entire web site. I like using Americart simply for letting people check out, and I prefer to keep control over my pages. The only tempting alternative I’ve seen is romancart, which unfortunately didn’t have a couple of shipping options we need. They’re based in the UK, seem pretty sensible overall, but like Americart they don’t seem to have enough staff to really be proactive about developing the product. MUCH cheaper, though.

Hello Chris – -we have still not decided. I guess we have 9 months until we’re forced to make a decision.

Can you post who you went with? I am afraid I’m going to have to make the same decision soon.

No worries — I’ve not found a suitable replacement. Americart is really pretty good, but I can see by the end of the year I need to find a replacement.


January 10, 2007 12:23pm

Sorry Joe, don’t know why I looked at ‘ArtLung’ and thought that was your name!


January 10, 2007 12:21pm

Hi Art,
We’ve been grappling with the same issue, we weren’t unhappy with americart, but with the new pricing wondered if we should be looking at something else – any luck in finding a suitable alternative? We don’t have a big site, but we do need to be able to customize things on it, and it seems like the only way you can customize order forms, etc. with shopsite and similar tools is to buy their most expensive packages.

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