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Retail Receipt and Bag Checks

It’s fascinating what you find reading threads on where to buy electronics parts in the Bay Area — here’s a sub-thread about the door checks conducted in places like Fry’s or Best Buy — you know the ones, where you show your bag and they run a pink highlighter over your receipt. I had never stopped to consider it before, but you and I are under no obligation to comply.

One comment outlines the issue rather clearly:

Once you have paid for your merchandise and passed through the checkout, they have no grounds to search you unless they have a reason to suspect you of theft.

Your bag at that point is your property.

The checking of receipts at the door done by many stores is actually in truth voluntary, though they hate it when people seem to realize this.

If you refuse, they can’t stop you.

I have a friend who makes a habit of doing this at Costco….

I personally prefer not to make a fuss – it just isn’t worth it to piss off some minimum wage drone.

It’s amazing the things I take for granted about how the world works.

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They also make sure you got everything you paid for. Once Costco spotted that I was charged for something they didn’t see in my cart.

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