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Twenty Years: University of San Diego High School

It occurs to me that I graduated High School twenty years ago this year. 1987.

I wonder if there’s a reunion? I think I’ve dropped out of touch with them.

There’s a Wikipedia article about my school: University of San Diego High School. Wacky.

My High School no longer exists. It’s closed on the old site, and has been superseded by Cathedral Catholic High School.

If they had one, would I want to go?

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why is it that some people just don’t want to go to their reunions? I hope to attend, at least the Friday night. It’ll depend on how much Correia and the bunch want us to spend for Saturday if I’ll attend that.

Hey Holly – -I guess it’s not so much that I don’t want to go as I don’t want to spend any effort to go. Like if it were down my block, I’m pretty sure I’d go. But as it’s down in San Diego it requires driving, a hotel, and time I might rather spend elsewhere. Maybe I’ll go to the 25 or 30. 🙂

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