Black Men Ski

I will update this post later, but today this video for Black Men Ski by Stew and Heidi has made me pretty ecstatic. Look for a longer post and transcribed lyrics when I have some time to spare. Right now, I don’t!

Black men go to Aspen and rent colorful chalets
Giggle at the questions their mere presence seems to raise
Get taken for men we don’t resemble in the least
(Are you?…)
It’s a winter wonderland in the belly of the beast
And black men ski
Black men ski
Black men send back sushi with a scorned Yakuza’s flair
We make postmodern art with bacon grease and hot combed hair
We secretly play Beethoven inside our bass-mobiles
We can tell you how cool looks, but cannot show you how it feels

When black men ski
When black men ski

Black men now are students of gay sensibility
We wear ironic t-shirts drenched in code unknown to thee
We get baptized in Walden pond amongst a searing mob
Because the cleansing blood of Jesus could not do a Thoreau job

Black men ski
Black men ski

Chinese guys can jump real high and Germans cook soul food
White boys rap and hippies nap up their dreads to look rude
Jazz is now suburban, it’s Marsalis-ly clean
And now we’ve got Viagra everyone’s a sex machine

So black men ski
(What else can we do?)
Black men ski
Black men ski
Black men ski

Some kids i’ll describe as friends say I am race-obsessed
The luxury of your opinion shows you that you are blessed
I have poems about sunsets, flowers and the rain
I’ve read them to policemen, but it was all in vain

So black men ski
Black men ski
Black men ski
Black men ski

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we get baptized in WALDEN pond amongst a searing mob
because the cleansing blood of Jesus could not do a THOROUGH job

…I think the Walden Pond reference points to a, “Thoreau job” (as in Henry David) rather than a “thorough job”.

I just started reading Walden Pond (by Emerson) last week, found out Emerson was a disciple of Thoreau’s . . . or I never would have picked up on the subtle reference myself.

FYI. Hope it helps.


It’s a great song and I thought it was worth getting it right

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