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So this morning I spent THIRTY-FIVE minutes at the local office of Time Warner Cable because apparently we had not paid our bill.

But of course, we had, several times, since we have moved. But somehow, twice this week, they shut us off for nonpayment.

My time at TW taught me that the payments they even though I canceled the service at our old address, changed my address with them, and transferred our account, and initialized service at the new account, and returned our equipment from the old account to their office, and had installation of new equipment at the new address, and have been happily using the cable services (Digital Cable and Cable Internet) at the new address… it seems the prior account is what we’ve been paying on, so while they’ve happily accepted our payments since May, it apparently has applied to the old address, or the old account. This is confusing.

Now, Leah, trooper that she is, has several times this week talked to these — let’s call them Cabletards — (the -tards suffix is after FSJ) and gotten them to turn the cable back on and it’ll all be resolved, what they finally told her is the only way to resolve this is to go down there in person.

So this morning, I did, and so now, apparently, they’re actually going to cancel the previous account, and actually apply all the payments from the old to the new, and all will be right with the world. That is, assuming the accounting department can resolve the various charges, false charges, payments, payments to the wrong place, etc.

What year is it that I have to go down in person to an office to resolve an account problem?

I suppose if I wake up to dead internet cable in the morning I’ll get to visit them again.

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just to make sure we spell it out, the details are thus:

times the cable/internet was shut off – 6 times
accumulated time without cable/internet – 2 days
phone calls to TW – 9
times they told me they would not shut it off again FOR SURE – 18
accumulated time on phone – 5 hours
times I wished we could fire them and be clients of some other company – 120
times I realized that couldn’t happen because there is no other company – 124
amount that my loathing grew for TW – 5000%
visits to store – 1
amount they now owe us – $112, fifteen thousand hairs from my head and a truckload of peace of mind

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