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Faith and Health. Phyllis Crawford.

Our Health Magazine, about my Mom, Phyllis Crawford. This almost… almost captures how awesome she is.

From October/November 2007 in (their website does not have the article).

In the article it has my Grandfather, Jesus Arthur Silva (where I get my middle name from, by the way) saying “No, Mia” — which is a typo of “No, Mija” — basically “mi hija” or my daughter.”

Other than that it was great to get this in the mail today.

If you want to read it, view the large version.

posted this 16 years ago.

(Tuesday October 9th 2007 at 9:32pm)

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Your mom sounds amazing! Good for her for staying so positive. I hope she continues to get better and stronger!

nothing can adequately express how awesome your mom is, but this article is pretty nice. xo

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