Presidential Hopefuls Can’t Help Lying

What is wrong with these clowns!?!? Sorting Truth From Campaign Fiction

Mitt Romney says he “saw” his father “march” with Martin Luther King Jr. Rudolph W. Giuliani claims that he is one of the “five best-known Americans in the world.” According to John McCain, the Constitution established the United States as a “Christian nation.” Ron Paul believes that a “NAFTA superhighway” is being planned to link Mexico with Canada and undermine U.S. sovereignty.

On the other side of the political divide, Sen. Barack Obama says there are more young black males in prison than in college. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton claims she has a “definitive timetable” for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq. John Edwards insists that NAFTA — the North American Free Trade Agreement — has cost Americans “millions of jobs.” Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. boasts about his experience negotiating an arms-control treaty with Leonid Brezhnev.

All those claims, made over the past four months as part of the presidential campaign, are demonstrably false.

With just four days until the Iowa caucuses, the art of embellishment and downright fibbing is alive and well in American politics. But the popularity of blogs, YouTube and information databases such as LexisNexis, along with the 24-hour news cycle, has made it easier than ever for the media and rival campaigns to spot the mistakes and exaggerations of presidential candidates.

via Paul Kedroskys’ Infectious Greed

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The Superhighway isn’t fake.

Here’s the Canadian Legislature explaining it.

Also, watch Vicente Fox (former Mexican Prez) explain to John Stewart that the Amero IS the long term monetary goal of the NAU.

The mistakes and exaggerations of the candidates are here for sure. Google ‘more huckups’ for an interesting list from Huckabee.

Ron Paul ’08 – Peace & Prosperity for all in the new year!

I guess that means we pick the one with the least damaging lies, half truths, etc. Hmmm, and I was hoping this was shaping up to be a whole different animal, this election. Darn, same ole, same ole. :o)

I agree with some of your comments. You said Barack said that there are more black men in jail than in college. Where’s the lie? There are more black men in prison than any other race except for maybe Latinos.

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