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  • Leah, Painting

    Leah has been doing some painting and it’s pretty great. Here’s a set of paintings that are for sale:

  • Debt: Ultimate Dream Killer

    From What Are You Destined to Be ? – Blog Maverick, Mark Cuban writes: I’m also a big believer that financial debt is the ultimate dream killer. Your first house, car, whatever stuff you might want to buy are going to be the primary reasons you stop looking for what makes you the happiest. Shades…

  • Rock, Zevon, Swimming, Moving

    Some Zevon this morning, from a live recording on the Internet Archive that’s pretty good, which I found via UBM: I can saw a woman in two But you won’t want to look in the box when I’m through I can make love disappear For my next trick I’ll need a volunteer And more Zevon:…