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  • Leah has an essay in this
    Picked it up today at lunch — Things I Learned About My Dad: Humorous and Heartfelt Essays. Edited by dooce. Congratulations Leah! Much more info and links to the other contributors over at Heather A’s blog.
  • Terrific Article: Microsoft/Yahoo
    Excellent rundown of what the scenarios are for a Yahoo/Microsoft. I’m not as expert at understanding financial issues as some others, but I feel like this made me smarter — If Microsoft goes fully hostile on Yahoo by Marc Andreessen. I often see job opportunities for working at Yahoo — contracting positions at various facilities…
  • Before and After Trip
    Leahpeah and me, approximately before and after our trip: Onward, y’all! And hey, what’s up with the hot weather out here? And when are the darn water temperatures going to rise to go with the air temperature rise?