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MAS did it, then JeSais did it, and heck, I was curious. What is the number of times I’ve posted to blogs I’ve participated in?

  • 3,160 posts on my personal blog (posting since 2001).
  • 698 posts from me on my old city blog. No longer posting there much since I sold it.
  • ronny vardy fan: 75 posts, mostly just images
  • 73 posts on my Respiratory Therapy blog.

Total: 4006 Posts as of today.

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Heh. I’m not sure lots of blog posts indicates lack of laziness.

One thing I’ve been thinking of doing is crunching all my blog posts on a few metrics:

distribution by word count
distribution by word count with html tags stripped
distribution by number of img tags

Yes, in my spare time. Hah.

I see a word count when I’m editing a post, but not in an overall context. Interesting though! I’ll have to explore 2.6 more when I get a chance!

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