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Leah Reads

It’s awfully pretty here. In the distance that island is Molokai. She’s been a voracious reader for the past 2 weeks or so. Almost a book a day.

Leah reads

posted this 15 years ago.

(Thursday July 31st 2008 at 5:35am)

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ahhh…. the lovely leah! so glad you two are enjoying Hawaii. Maui is beautiful. my sis and I spent last Christmas day there in Kula (aka Gods Country)

Actually, Hawaii in general is so very close to my heart. There’s something about that place that always feels like going home to me. Or at least it is a reminder of a time and place in my life that was wonderful, family in tact, lots of good times.

I hope you and your family are building wonderful memories there right this very minute!

fiction or non-fiction?

Thanks Jenn! We are having a nice time, and not spending too much time online. 🙂

And Susan, mostly fiction.

So…is she reading “Molokai” then?
Because it’s really fantastic and would be apropos.

Keep having a great time and sharing it with us.

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