To Molokini; Seasickness

One of the “pre-planned” activities we’ve done was to take a boat out to Molokini and snorkel. Leah and I (and the various family we’re with) enjoyed it very much. We went on Maui Classic Charters’ Four Winds II. Lots of fish, clear water, nice swimming.

I’ve never been seasick that I can recall, and as far as I know I don’t get seasick. I decided on the way out to try and experience seasickness, knowing that my Aunt Jacqui had brought seasickness medication that could ameliorate symptoms once I got it. I was, alas, not able to induce that feeling. I tried simply closing my eyes. I tried looking directly at the undulations of the boat in the water as we were moving, I tried to maximize the feeling of “falling” like on a rollercoaster as the boat was cruising. I think I may be immune from the illness, if indeed that’s possible. The wikipedia page on seasickness implies that it’s possible to be immune: “while others are relatively immune, or become immune through exposure.” Though I’m not sure how I’d have become immune, not really having been on many boats. I wonder if it was my early exposure to swimming (I think I was four?) and how I took to swimming so well. I have no idea what the correlations are, but I suppose I’m glad I don’t get seasick.

On board

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