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  • Chris and Pensacola
    (I explain the title of this entry at the end of the post–in case you were wondering) Yesterday I drove to Union Station to see my friend Chris Greazel. Chris I’ve known for over 20 years, ever since he was the artist and I was sort of the cartoonist at my high school. He’s still…
  • Digital Breast Reduction in Pixar’s Knick Knack
    jwz has all the details on the breast reduction that took place in the re-release of Knick Knack. I remember seeing Knick-Knack at a computer animation festival and at other animation tournees in San Diego and I do remember the original version. In fact, I think I have a VHS tape with the original versions…
  • Yahoo! Mash Shuts Down
    Huh. Okay. You can see what my Mash profile looks like today only at I wonder what Yahoo! will do in terms of social networks now? I think they’re focussed on OpenSocial, whose aim is to federate social software. I guess if you can’t build something standalone, build tools to embrace and extend other…
  • Animation: Initial energy lost in final product
    This is a problem in all the arts, I think. The energy of a a musician’s demo is higher than the final recorded song. A sketch is more fun than a final drawing. It’s acute here in the storyboard and the final rendering from the new film Bolt: Funny commentary from Cartoon Brew: