Lots of Videos

I hate it when people just post videos. I never have time to watch them all, since I’m looking at my own videos that compel me. So here are the videos that have compelled me lately. Just one on the main page, more after the jump.

Ben Folds – Kate in Nashville (and more from this user)


Ben Folds – Army:


Spider-Men in Jamba Juice, from David Letterman, via Oliver Willis:


And Little Big Planet looks amazing — here the game recreates Tetris — it’s almost enough to get me to want a PlayStation 3:


Donovan – Atlantis – I think Donovan is incredibly pretentious, but I offer this as a setup to the one after this one:

Hail Atlanta – from Futurama:

Batman vs. Penguin: The Debate (I so enjoyed the 1960s tv show when I was a kid):


Watchmen Featurette: Girls Kick Ass, via Slashfilm:

And lastly is not a video, but the “lost ending” to the film Little Shop of Horrors – read about it and view it at 10 Zen Monkeys: Lost “Horrors” Ending Found on YouTube.

Don’t you hate it when people just post videos? I know I do. Some of them are cool though.

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