I Like The Way You Move

Actually, I like the way Leah hustles to find us a place to move to. Same difference.

We found a new place, slightly less money, again on this side of Moorpark, very much within target range of the kids, a very humane home. Leah found this one and did the legwork all by herself. I needed only to go over yesterday and sign a lease and take a look.

We did some looking together as well, and we did our thing where we drive around looking for rentals that have not made it to Craigslist, The Kitty Letter, and the Ventura County Star. Mostly we ended up with places in Simi Valley (further from the kids!) that we were not crazy about, or places in Moorpark that were too expensive or too small. Add to that, the places we sort of liked and applied for we were rejected for last week. I suspect that our spotty credit in a “questionable” economic climate has people very skittish. We’ve paid rent on-time and with a great track record for good communication with our landlords for 2 years, and my income track record for those two years has been great. And yet, skittish. Ah well, the worm turned starting this past weekend and we started getting offers of houses. And though it was difficult, we turned down two before we took this one. We also turned down one that ended up being very questionable–the owners were in danger of foreclosure and thus could only offer us month-to-month.

Why are we moving? The owners of our current place moved away for a job they were getting more money for. They were underwater in the house, and we took it on. We like the place. We like the Real Estate guy who showed it to us. We were enjoying the house, but then a month ago we got word the owners would like to return to the house, have us break the lease (for a premium), and we would need to move. We put it off for a while and that’s where we are at two weeks ago. Since then it’s been searching.

It feels good to have an answer to the question: “where are you living next?” I’m not sure how we could have handled this differently next time, maybe not agreed to move? Or maybe given ourselves more time for the finding, choosing and accepting a house? At any rate, I’m glad it’s working out.

We’re moving this week, and Leah is managing that process as well. Go Leah!

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