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Leah’s camera est non mortuus

Leah’s camera, a Canon 30D has been dead for two months, about which she’s been very sad. The error was “Err99” – a mysterious error message others have had with other Canon cameras. She had looked at some forums and tried some things but had no luck fixing. We’d talked about having to take it to Samy’s Camera in L.A. to get it looked at.

I’ve not given it much thought or used my troubleshooting skills on the thing, but last night, as part of a lovely 4-day holiday weekend, I applied myself to the problem.

It appears to be fixed now, as a result of upgrading to the 30d’s firmware up to 1.0.6. The instructions on the Canon website were easy-to-follow and it seems to have worked.

For those of you disappointed by the lack of photos from leah, the good news is we may see pictures from her again soon.

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