Things I Spend Time With

#1: The early morning:

Dawn in Moorpark

#2: My desk at work:

New Message

#3: Lunchtime at the park:

Tall palms at Brand Park.

Nearly always with my iPod. Two weeks ago I thought I had lost my iPod for a night and it absolutely terrified me to think that I would not have it and would need to spend valuable cash to get a new one. Luckily, it was found where it should not have been. And my sanity was preserved, slightly.

Additionally, I’m 39 years old and I have not emotionally and physically felt my age more than this year. I’m undergoing a radical health transformation right now which is to the good, but also somewhat troubling. Our home scale seems to have a margin of error of 30 pounds, but notwithstanding that I believe I’ve lost about 45 pounds in the past 2 months. This defies all logic and I find it somewhat worrisome, but I’ll take it for now. On the tax tip, we’ve made it halfway through the year with taxes taken out of most of our income, so our daunting tax bills that have nearly killed us the past two years probably will not recur next year. One step at a time, all things change and improve.

I’m learning at the new dayjob — working in a continuous deployment environment can be terrifying — but in some ways it’s like working at the hospital again. I’m working in the intensive care unit for a rather monstrous, difficult patient. Sometimes it’s fun. I could do without the cynicism it creates in others (and me) but I’m learning what it takes to keep a large web application running 24/7 to customers using it in the thousands, all the time. I’m still a newbie but am surviving.

And that’s it from me for now. Hey, onward kids.

Is anyone reading this? If so, why?

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I read it. I study. I stalk. Just kidding. I know how it is, one day at a time, man. Everyone’s going through a tough time right now, just have to hang on to ride it out until things get better. For now, the smaller/simpler things in life are the things that get us through the day. Music on the iPod/iPhone, podcasts, doing blogposts, staying in touch via twitter/facebook. Hang in there!

I nodded with a knowing acknowledgment at the temporary loss of your iPod. I have had several similar incidents, usually ending with the same relief. I have a particular psychological predisposition to freak out when I lose anything meaningful, and am never far from hooting and jumping like an enraged chimpanzee until it is found.

Weight loss is a tough gig. I wish you the best, even as we both wonder with suspicion at its cause.

I’m reading this, because you’re a good guy and we have a lot in common. Those are two good reasons that make events in your life, and your take on them, interesting. Don’t stop blogging!

Go Joe on the weight loss and positive attitude toward hectic job. I remain always, a fan of artlung. Would you have rather a punny answer such as, “You’re stuck in my Craw!” har har You had me from “onward and upward”? 😀

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