Reboot! i have been a poor system administrator. sorry.

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i have been a poor system administrator. sorry.

Like a an Windows machine, if I don’t get system updates and regular reboots I get infested with viruses and malware and all manner of bad behavior. This hardware is flaky. In the past 96 hours I’ve rebooted.

But the world is shiny and new and reinvigorated. Turns out happiness can be obliterated if you change your point of view to the negative. If you see the small betrayals as large, if you emphasize the negative and eliminate the positive, then things go bad. But change is possible, practical, and necessary. I have done it before.

For those of you who are on board, God Bless, for those of you with no interest, also God Bless.

Hey, Onward. I used to say that all the time.

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I hope this is just an internet study to see who is reading both your and Leah’s blogs… that soon I will win some prize and you will not be having to completely redo your life er reboot and Leah won’t be selling her paintings to get into her own place. I think Abigail summed it up best. You are a tremendous person Mr. Crawford. I will think good thoughts for the situation. As you say, Onward!

Things move fast. They aren’t perfect, but they are improving. Sorry for the mystifying nature of how it all must look via online and twitter and such. We’re people who love each other very much and are figuring our stuff out. Thanks Christine.

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