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Go West Young Man!

Leah and I managed to get all the way across the country in just 4 days. Then we picked up the kids, piecemeal, and turned right around and went to her parents’ house in Southwestern Utah! It’s been a driving extravaganza for us and really a joyful trip all around. This fine morning I find myself in the kitchen of my good friend Chris in Orange County. And by noontime Pacific time we’ll be back in Sunny San Diego, America’s Finest City™.

I’m looking forward to seeing yet other parts of my family: so many Aunts and Uncles and Cousins. It will be hard, I think, to once again have distance between my Parent’s Home in Roanoke and myself, and my sister is still way over in DC. My kids–stepkids–are still scattered thither and yon, from Chico to Sunnyvale to Moorpark, but it feels like the correct thing to get back to San Diego. It’s where Leah and I met, and where we started our journey. We’re ready for a new chapter, and San Diego, for the moment, feels right. Part of that is that is that we are getting reports that Grandma is weaker than she had been, and requiring more care. I’m also very excited to see what the explosion of mobile- and smartphones has done to the tech community in San Diego since I left. I’m hoping to be useful and inventive in that arena, and a larger city seems like the place to do that.

And I’ll leave you with two drawings I did while Leah drove us west from St. George, on the way to California.

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(Tuesday March 1st 2011 at 9:51am)

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Thanks Darren, that looks like a pretty comprehensive site!

You are right about the tech buzz in SD. If you haven’t already, check the events at http://www.sdtechscene.org/
I hope to see at some of them soon.

Dave Ambrose

March 1, 2011 8:09pm

Welcome back. SD is indeed a good place for tech. I like the community here.

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