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Medication Board for Grandma

Medication Board for Grandma

In my Grandma’s last weeks, keeping track of her medications grew more complicated. She was unable to swallow some meds, and at other times refused them. Bedridden, her needs would change. This board was an effort to keep everything straight for all us caregivers. Also: San Diego Hospice was great.

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Hi Joe,

I’m sorry to read about your Grandmother’s passing, my heartfelt condolences to your family.

I’m doing genealogy and am looking for Jean McCrainor, daughter of William and Emily Miles McCrainor. Was this your Grandmother by chance? I’m a great granddaughter of Emily’s sister Mabel Lydia Miles Roberts. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks.

Pamela Layton McMurtry

Yes, I believe you are talking about my Grandma’s mother, Emily Kezia McCrainor! My Grandma’s father, William, died when she was very young indeed.

What questions do you have?

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