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March 2012 Forty-nine posts

UX Drinking game. Cc: @uxdrink #uxsconf

Larry Marine at UX Speakeasy #uxsconf

Back to work after several days sick. My arsenal.

Crayon sketch from 2 weeks ago for Godson (features Ninjago chars & Kung Fu Panda)


This past week I turned 42. It was a good week but I did get sick at the tail end.

Had bacon chocolate cake at Riviera Supper Club out in La Mesa. Went there with our pals Matt and Margot. Totally not planned, but it was great. I didn’t want a big deal for my birthday, and it was perfect.

And here’s a lovely photo of Leah and me.

Birthday Dinner 2 with @leahpeah at Riviera Club

And that’s it. Thanks for reading.

16 year old me would believe this was a typical gas pump 26 years in the future.

Arduino Day. Happy Birthday to Me.

Robot Macro taken with new toy @olloclip

Swarm Checkins

Birthday Dinner 2 with @leahpeah at Riviera Club

Birthday Dinner