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ArtLung [Joe Crawford]

Web developer & user interface engineer
Tinkering with the web since 1996

email: joe@artlung.com · twitter: @artlung · (photo from instagram)
San Diego, California, USA

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Haircut (side view) / (lunch hour)

Swarm Checkins

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Another view of Morrissey scarf from Viva-Moz.com. It is very well made. I forgot I had bought it!

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You may wonder why I bought a Morrissey scarf. Don’t over think it.

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Self/ایستگاه اتوبوس

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Meeting in bolígrafo.

Swarm Checkins

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Herbata Mrożona, San Diego. At Lunch.

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Grandma’s Rosary, Grandpa’s Knife.

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“Generous yet stubborn and often selfish”

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I believe I gave myself the wrong hair (The IT CROWD?) here.

from Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/SjNYD6Cs_y/ via InstalooterToWordPress

Pondering shrubs for a very late lunch

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