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Web developer & user interface engineer
Tinkering with the web since 1996

email: joe@artlung.com · twitter: @artlung
San Diego, California, USA
aka joecrawford.com

ARTLUNG. Personal website c. 2014.

March 2014 Thirty-three posts

Beware the finger missiles of Giant Robo (or, check out my explosive manicure)

GIANT ROBO HAS ARRIVED! (Design from Japanese manga and live action tv, 1967)

Class Picture.

By height. Welcome Artoo! (Taller than Mechagodzilla & Analyzer) NewBotDay!

Toe to toe with giants.

Colors of the wind.


Dusty & Miles

Dewey is enormous and friendly. There are either 5 or 6 dogs here. Hard to count.

Photobombed by Dusty at Family Dinner.

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