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September 2015 Forty-four posts

2011: Amateur Flowsheet

Leah made this spreadsheet when we were helping my aunts and uncles take care of my Grandmother Jean at the end of her life, back in 2011.

It’s a nursing flowsheet, meant for laypeople. It’s pretty useful and good. At that point we’d had a fair amount of experience taking care of the sick, having been there at the end of my Mom‘s life too.

I’ve attached a PDF of the flowsheet in case it might help someone.


Swarm Checkins

Me, my sister & grandparents. At DISNEYLAND.

Swarm Checkins

Even Daggits dream of Earth. New robot Tuesday starring Muffit II.

This Is My Jam: Classy and shut down.

I received this:

Your Jam Archives - artlung@gmail

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You’ve been a dream community to create for. Thoughtful feedback, amazing music, warmth and kindness.

It’s been a pleasure,
xoxo Matt & Han

P.S. Everybody’s last jams were so fine we made a Spotify playlist of them
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Don’t want these emails?
No sweat, this is the very last one.

Super classy.

Early morning Rancho Bernardo last week.

Scan the world and make the world.

Last year Chris and I went to Orange County Makerspace. We got a tour of their very cool space, saw the various fabrication, laser cutting, extrusion and other tools. We also got my Godson’s head and torso scanned into 3-D. About a week later they sent Chris a little model of this! It was really cool.


The technology to democratize physical replication and production is amazing. Did you know that the Downtown San Diego Public Library has 3-D printers available for use by the public? To be able to scan the world, make copies of the physical world, to modify things is unprecedented and still revolutionary, though we learn rapidly to take technology for granted. I know a few people who’ve done interesting work with this tech. Patrick J. Clarke has done neat work designing Clip-It to support usability of his instant photography cameras.

I know so many creative people I’m always excited to see what people are working on! I’m likewise excited to go to San Diego Maker Faire this weekend.

don’t lean in

Beets are beautiful.


Leah is happiest photographing.

Swarm Checkins