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Thoughts on being an Old Geek

I have opinions about Tim Bray’s latest post Old Geek because I am something of an “Old Geek” too.

I am lucky to have found a place to work where grey hair is not an impediment. But I’m well-aware that my age may tend to make me seem less employable.

But I’ve had as a personal value and vocation to be the most informed and most aware developer that I can be. I’ve never been the best or fastest coder, but I’ve always been a thoughtful and deep-thinking coder. I like to think I straddle wisdom and knowledge in a positive way and strive to provide valuable service alongside a positive personality.

Smart and gets things done as Joel Spolsky might say. I also like to make sure that to the best extent possible I understand how things work end-to-end, and to understand why we do the things we do.

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