Remember when we used to link to things?

So here’s a link to Doc Searls: Enough Alreadies, who said about leaving Quora:

Even if something gets a lot of notice, the news cycle is hardly longer than Now, and the sense of having done something quickly disappears.

The beautiful blog about aging with style Advanced Style posts Volunteer with Meals on Wheels, which sounds really awesome. See: America, let’s do lunch

If you haven’t seen the new Apple ad – watch it and the making of over on AdWeek\AdFreak: This Look Inside Spike Jonze’s Apple Ad Is as Fascinating as the Film Itself

My birthday was the other day, and mostly what I did on twitter was be wistful for RSS and gosh-darnit RSS is awesome. It’s how I found everything in here. In 2013 Jeremy Keith wrote Battle for the Planet of the APIs and it’s still apt.

Inspired by starting with:

Oh, and you should listen to Bruce Sterling at SXSW, as usual (this year is 2018!).

And Scott Andrew has some great example questions to ask your interviewer: How To Be More Interesting During A Technical Interview

Apple Watch Adoption — it looks like adoption of new versions is pretty darn fast. Impressive.

I did laundry the other day and there were free VHS and audio cassettes in the apartment laundry room. I forget what year it is, but this seems late.

New, unused VHS and audio tapes.

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