This mural by Alex “Ali” Gonzalez is one my Mom would have loved. Mom last lived in Los Angeles in 1977 but the whole of Los Angeles is imbued with her presence. Whether it was the time Chris and I drive to LA from San Diego and I got home at 3am on a school night and she was madder at me than I’d ever seen her or would ever see her be mad again. Or the times driving in the VW Beetle from Alhambra to LA County to pick up my Dad. Or being on Sunset Blvd within striking distance of my sister’s birthplace. And yesterday there was this, her favorite man singer for decades. And in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” yesterday there’s that moment where Eddie Valiant picks up a novelty sword to fight with and it’s the Singing Sword, useless save for the fact it’s a 1940s-style caricature of Frank Sinatra singing “Witchcraft.” My Mom died in 2010 but I carry her in my eyes and feelings and memories.

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