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welcome! i'm joe and i am a software engineer and lately i make comics.

January 2020 Twenty-two posts

How have I never heard of Picrew before?

It’s pretty nifty. To be able to make all kinds of different avatars. It might all not be in English, but it’s nifty.

“BE KIND” – a message from the Pacific Beach York Street graffiti giraffe.

Grace. From @spill_drink_and_draw Thursday. The 80s were not all garbage. #spillsantaana #drinkanddraw #inkanddrink

With Kelly at the special showing of Picard at the Comic-Con Museum! Hashtag #starfleetBlessed

Swarm Checkins

See ya later NoVa.

Virginia and DC have been wonderful to me but I gotta return to California and my succulent today.

Family walk at Huntley Meadows Wetlands habitat

Swarm Checkins

Yesterday I drew Gritty at #UXCampDC for… not really good reasons.

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