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personal website: joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. bodysurfing. san diego. california. say hi.

New Bot Day! Chibi-style Cylon Centurion from Battlestar Galactica (1978)! In March I added a vintage 1978 figure. This rendition was too cute to pass up. He’s pictured with a snippet of my freewriting. I’m making comics at a more regular pace which only happens because I’m writing, drawing, improvising words and pictures regularly. A “practice.” I make things I discard. Throwing interesting ideas in the trash is hard for me. But that editing process is core to completing every comic. Which makes me think of BSG: it was derided as a Star Wars ripoff at the time. Galactica sure wasn’t as amazing as Star Wars but it inspired me at the time. In this tire-fire of a world, where so many are struggling, I’m lucky to have time for creative endeavors. We are in a time of incredible injustice and governmental malfeasance. Keep working for good. Onward, everybody.

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