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Back in 2004 I posted photos and MP3 of this record to my blog on My mom left a comment “Joe, you were only 2 years old when you started reading and playing the phonograph!!!! we lived in student housing in Riverside 😉 Love, Mom” I have always loved and listened to recorded music. I cared deeply about assembling thoughtful sequences of music and sounds onto cassette tapes for myself and for my friends. Particularly @missewon and @chrisgreazel. 1989 was the year my vinyl collection stalled, I had great stuff but I bought David Byrne’s “Rei Momo” on compact disc. I still bought extended remixes on vinyl, and the one I miss most is green vinyl 12″ of A Tribe Called Quest’s “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo.” Most of that collection has since been sold, lost, broken, or (mostly) stolen from a storage locker in Moorpark, California. But Joseph, Joseph I’ve kept. The #SMARCHVINYLCHALLENGE prompt today is “I forgot I had this” (thanks @brandudesrecordvault) so here’s MY NAME RECORD featuring the track “Joseph Joseph” which is really catchy. I loved playing this song. I really listened and internalized the song and every aspect. “Vic Marantz” is the singer and I would recognize that voice anywhere. I think I realized as a kid that when they first say the name “Joseph” that’s an edit, the basic track is shared for other records, when I look at ebay or discogs I see Bob, Christine, Annie, Heather, Chad, all probably produced in the same scheme. And there’s a little coda by Captain Kangaroo at the end. The last time I saw live music was at the MTL Concert Venue and Lounge in Riverside where @brandudeworms was playing the drums with @thecineramas with aplomb and panache. Here’s hoping we can all get to some live music before the year is out. #MARCHVINYLCHALLENGE

Cybertronic Spree

ON DECEMBER 11, 2020

This was so fun! Loved seeing the robot-based band The Cybertronic Spree back in December. Check out this version of Barracuda:

Jennifer Simpson’s Pozole Recipe

Jan 27, 2010:

better late than never! I have a vegan version of the soup– but the
recipe is not perfected.

Here goes anyway. Maybe you can experiment with it.

Ingredients for the soup: a block of firm tofu, onion (chopped), a couple of carrots (chopped), garlic (1 or two cloves chopped) 2 cans of hominy, 1 can of black beans. 1 carton of Vegetable broth (more if you like it more brothy), red pepper flakes and/or mild dried red pepper, salt/pepper to taste, cumin, mexican oregano, a couple of cloves

Crumble the tofu and “brown it” in a little canola oil, add the cumin, oregano and cloves. Then add the onion and carrots and garlic, cook until the onions are translucent. Add the hominy, beans and broth and red pepper.

Simmer… top with shredded cabbage, fresh chopped onion, fresh cilantro, avocado… a dash or two of Tapatio and a squirt of lemon.

A note about broth… I’ve been thinking of adding miso. My vegetarian friends like my posole, one is Mexican American and says it reminds her of mom’s cooking… but as a meat eater, it seems to me to lack a depth of flavor that the pork adds… miso may (or may not) add that.

A note about hominy: Here in NM they use “frozen” hominy- I prefer the canned, it cooks quicker and is saltier. I never saw frozen until I moved here and they call in pozole

The meat version is the same, except use pork shoulder, brown it with the spices and some onion, cover it with water add the chile pepper and let it simmer…. then pull the meat out and cut it up, return to pot add hominy and let it simmer… serve with aforementioned garnishes.

and best wishes to you and Leah and your family for this upcoming year…. hugs to everyone!

HEY. what part of Virginia are you guys in? I may be heading that way this summer for a bit…

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