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Back in 2004 I posted photos and MP3 of this record to my blog on My mom left a comment “Joe, you were only 2 years old when you started reading and playing the phonograph!!!! we lived in student housing in Riverside 😉 Love, Mom” I have always loved and listened to recorded music. I cared deeply about assembling thoughtful sequences of music and sounds onto cassette tapes for myself and for my friends. Particularly @missewon and @chrisgreazel. 1989 was the year my vinyl collection stalled, I had great stuff but I bought David Byrne’s “Rei Momo” on compact disc. I still bought extended remixes on vinyl, and the one I miss most is green vinyl 12″ of A Tribe Called Quest’s “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo.” Most of that collection has since been sold, lost, broken, or (mostly) stolen from a storage locker in Moorpark, California. But Joseph, Joseph I’ve kept. The #SMARCHVINYLCHALLENGE prompt today is “I forgot I had this” (thanks @brandudesrecordvault) so here’s MY NAME RECORD featuring the track “Joseph Joseph” which is really catchy. I loved playing this song. I really listened and internalized the song and every aspect. “Vic Marantz” is the singer and I would recognize that voice anywhere. I think I realized as a kid that when they first say the name “Joseph” that’s an edit, the basic track is shared for other records, when I look at ebay or discogs I see Bob, Christine, Annie, Heather, Chad, all probably produced in the same scheme. And there’s a little coda by Captain Kangaroo at the end. The last time I saw live music was at the MTL Concert Venue and Lounge in Riverside where @brandudeworms was playing the drums with @thecineramas with aplomb and panache. Here’s hoping we can all get to some live music before the year is out. #MARCHVINYLCHALLENGE

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