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Best parking ever. Back to ride some waves and see a pal.

Swarm Checkins

Bodysurfing is good for you.

…and good for me, I know.

In recent years, there has been a push from scientists around the world to understand the positive affect exposure to nature plays on the human psyche. In his best-selling book Blue Mind, marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols makes the case that being in and around water has therapeutic benefits that can make humans happier, healthier, and more connected.

via The Inertia

Swarm Checkins

The Art of Wave Riding sounds terrific

Via The Inertia:

One has only to watch a swarm of bathers at any crowded beach in order to see that thousands of people are interested in the sport. Whenever a good wave for riding comes in, about half the people make an attempt to ride it, and only about one-tenth of one percent of them even get started on it. It is this pitiful sight of thousands of swimmers, young and old, men and women, always trying and never succeeding, that has urged me to put into print a few hints that I hope will be of some help in teaching the enthusiastic beach-goers the art of body surfing, and thus increase a thousandfold the pleasure derived from ocean bathing.

Seems like it’s mostly in college libraries.

New Bot Day! SpotBot™ comes from around 1988 and was made by Tomy, Japanese maker of many cool toys. He has a battery, and when turned on spins around and “barks” cutely. A robot to brighten your desk!

Video & Resources: Adapting Comics for Blind & Low Vision Readers

In May I attended a fascinating presentation on adapting comics for blind and low vision readers. At one time I was quite attentive to a11y issues and since I’ve made a handful of comics it was of interest. I am nowhere near to attacking this need. But the resources they emailed I felt would be useful to share widely, so here they are.

Thank you again for attending our March program, “Adapting Comics for Blind & Low Vision Readers”!

If you want to watch again or share the program, you can do so here: Adapting Comics Panel Video.

If you can spare two minutes to share your experience and hopes for where this topic might go in the future, it will greatly assist our efforts! Take the event survey here.

To learn more about the event organizers: 

The compiled list of resources our attendees offered during the webinar:

Found this drawing out and about.

I saladded.

zinc oxide 25%, coral reef safe

Water Temperature 68 degrees F. Surf 2 feet with a period of 14 seconds.

I limit my photos swimming to posting one per session but this one’s not bad.

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