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Music Friday Roundup

Yesterday I was talking to gRegor. gRegor is a chap I met at the end of 2019 when he was trying to get an in-person #indieweb “Homebrew Website Club” meetup going for San Diego. We had just a few before a global Pandemic.

But meeting a kindred spirit is always wonderful.

Two years have passed since then!

Two years!

And what has happened? Besides public health catastrophe, incipient authoritarianism and such.

“Music Monday Roundup” is a great blog post about music and meta-musical video that floated his boat. I quite like the song “Loveless” by Lo Moon. I also intend to check out the series he recommended The Session.

As for me, I listen to a whole lot of music. Every year I create a new playlist and as the year goes on. My 2021 playlist is called “2021 faux pho foe” (I don’t remember why I’ve been including the word “pho” in these annual playlist names but it’s quite a weird habit now: 2020 me-pho-me, 2019 phø phø fo no fanana bana bo no, 2018 phō kay peoples).

It’s November. Soon enough I’ll be starting the 2022 playlist.

Thinking about how I find music, one of my favorite things during the pandemic was Questlove‘s Friday night live DJ sets on Twitch/YouTube where he’d spin records and talk about music. I think he switched platforms because I don’t get notifications about those sets now. But anywhere is a good place to learn about new music. As I find new ones with something good about them, I edit the list. I might hear something good in an elevator, as an incidental song in a movie, casually mentioned by a friend. And I try to branch out to adjacent artists, or songs from the same era, or their children, or protégés or labelmates.

As Frank Zappa says, “music is the best.”

Thanks for sharing gRegor!

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