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About Radio Garden. Thanks WNRN 91.9FM!

This is a sort of strange followup to my music roundup from November.

I worked at Slacker Radio (now LiveXLive) for many years and enjoyed that service a lot. Now I use Spotify mostly. Before that I managed my iTunes music collection onto iPods over the years very carefully and deliberately, making playlists as needed.

I’m really enjoying Radio.Garden.

Radio Garden lets you listen to what music people call “terrestrial” radio. Terrestrial refers to “Terra” aka “Earth” — which perhaps implies that internet radio services are unearthly? Alien, then?

I especially have enjoyed the eclectic mix on Charlottesville station WNRN. They seem to span new and old music in a mix that seems to hit some kind of listenable sweet spot to me. I have not tried to look closely at why that is. They feature more country and bluegrass inflected music than I typically listen to and maybe that’s comforting right now. I also love hearing place names like Crozet, Lexington, Afton and the like. I lived in Charlottesville when worked at the UVa Medical Center, many years ago now. But it’s not mere nostalgia, I dig the music. As I’m listening right now they’re playing a Dave Matthews Band song. Dave Matthews was a resident of Charlottesville and I missed out on seeing them (despite going shows at Trax regularly in the 90s).

Thanks WNRN, for being awesome.

And thanks Radio.Garden!

Music, as Frank Zappa said, is the best.

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