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This morning I connected to my cross country flight to Virginia via LAX. I saw the dawn. I saw places that mean a lot to me. There’s my apartment! On the hill behind it was where my high school once stood, now replaced by condos. There’s Mission Bay where I’ve swum and kayaked and not-successfully windsurfed and jet ski’d. Beyond: Navy housing we lived in when I was a teenager. Had I been on the left side of the plane I’d have seen my favorite spot: Mission Beach Jetty. But take a beat on my right is former favorite swim spot La Jolla Cove. Shores. Del Mar. Solana Beach where I worked at failed dot com EduPoint. Orange County. Los Angeles County. Beaches, apartments; jobs and job interviews; car accidents, fights, train rides, romance and catastrophe. Southern California is my home; imbued with meaning. Onward.

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