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The parking lot at La Jolla Shores filled by 745am. Kelly and I got the last spot I think. Folks galore making their encampments in one of San Diego’s finest parks. In the water everyone was doing everything you can do to enjoy the water. And I mean everything. Surfers surfing on shortboards and fish; foam and fiberglass. Stand-up paddleboarders. Bodyboarders ages 5 to 65 were enjoying the waves. Scuba divers in heavy gear made their way in and out from their dives. Kayakers making their circuit to the caves to the south. Long distance swimmers in bright caps and with trailing safety floats doing even longer distance from along the Shores to the Cove. Waders playing in waves; kids and parents assembling sand castles. And me with my handplane and fins and Kelly on a boogie board. I did not lose sight of how extraordinary it is that I can come play in this wilderness. And it is the wilderness: a few weeks ago a young man was lost helping friends out of a rip current in Mission Beach. The fun must be tempered by vigilance and the water demands respect. A beautiful and sublime morning. #lajolla #stoke #sandiego

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