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August, 2022: 9 posts.

Feynman Lectures – Online

Looks like CalTech is making them all available in one place. Very cool.

Quote of the Day

Paipo, Alaias and body surfing are all making a comeback, not that they really ever left. So long as wave riders forgo their leashes, waves will be waves and toss said riders ass over tin cup requiring a body surf to the beach to recover their surf craft. When “surfing” is not so narrowly defined as standing up on a board, the full spectrum of wave riding can be experienced not as separate pieces but as part of the whole enchilada. Standing up on a Alaia or a fish, lying down on a mat or a Paipo or total immersed body surfing with or without a handplane. Surfers just want to be in the water!

From 23 Breaths: Ride the Wild Surf

Beaches in Los Angeles, 1970s/1980s

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