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Left the screaming busy early afternoon shore break. Walking the six blocks to my car. I’m on the left side of the road; I notice a red Mini on the right side, tracking me. “I’m stalking you” exclaims the driver, a woman. “Okay” I reply, pointing an arc representing much further up the street. Another block. Then another. “Next block, left side of the street” I motion. “Maybe I’ll go up there” she says. “White Pilot” I reply. The Mini drives to my car and makes a u-turn. I unlock the car by remote. “No rush” says the red Mini, two older ladies I see now. Summer hats on. Older than me and I’m not young anymore. I stow my gear in the back. “No hurry” says Mini. “Change your clothes if you want”—then—“don’t get naked” the ladies cackle/giggle. I double take back the car, my hoodie on now. “I might be getting ogled” I say—then more giggling from the Mini. I close the Pilot’s hatch. I get in my car and drive off, a little wave out my window. I can feel the summer ending. A last blast of enthusiastic summer energy out at the beaches. The giddy death throes of Summer vacation for everyone.

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