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Quote of the Day: From Oliver Willis

Been a while since I quoted Mr. Willis, but Nothing The Right Freaks Out About Is Real None Of It. No, Not Even That.

You can show a dyed-in-the-wool conservative news reports and government fact sheets that prove, for instance, that the story surrounding “Obama phones” was made up by the right to cast aspersions on poor Black people. The program, which began before Obama was even president, was about helping poor people get back on their feet with access to phones to assist in things like getting jobs and housing. But it won’t matter. They saw one viral clip that circulated around the right accompanied by decades of racism about Black people and government handouts combined with seething rage and animus towards Obama for the twin sins of being a Democrat who won an election while also being Black.

It won’t matter. They believe what they want to believe and the world of conservatism is oriented around keeping them eternally mad on a nonstop diet of lies. Liberals cannot help this, no matter how earnest and patient they are in explaining reality.

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