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What did I do for my birthday yesterday.

…a list:

  1. Looked at Surfline and was disappointed to see rain and wind which prevented me from bodysurfing
  2. Got out my sewing machine
    • Repaired a cloth grocery bag
    • Repaired one of my singlet swimsuits
  3. Watched American Splendor
  4. Ate muffins
  5. Folded clothes
  6. Put up some art on the walls
  7. Bought shoes
  8. Went to Apple Store
  9. Picked up a turntable from my uncle
  10. Dropped off tax papers
  11. Visited Michael’s for craft storage-y stuff
  12. Watched Sideways
  13. Folded clothes
  14. Visited Sea Hive at Liberty Station
  15. Felt glad I took the day off work
  16. Posted to Instagram and Mastodon about a goat on a jetty
  17. Had a  lobster roll at Liberty Station
  18. Started watching Chef (also was reminded that folks used to say I looked like Oliver Platt, and it holds up not too bad; also that I do enjoy Cuban food)
  19. Had delicious artichokes and salmon for dinner, with K
  20. Watched the latest episode of Perry Mason
  21. Received a robot as a gift
  22. Went to bed listening to the rain, with K

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(Tuesday March 21st 2023 at 6:29am)

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