“We love each other”

Talking Heads was my favorite band for many years and I still have a soft spot for them. The ambiguity of their breakup was very disappointed. The long-story-short: David Byrne essentially ghosted the rest of the band. I highly recommend Chris and Tina Frantz’s book Remain In Love: Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club, Tina (2020) which goes into the ins and outs of the difficulties and frictions for the band members.

So this morning I was delighted to watch as Stephen Colbert rather delicately asked about those difficulties and frictions on his show. And Chris’ answer got me to get rather wispy.

Stephen Colbert: You guys, over the last couple of decades, there’s been some friction in the band and I sincerely don’t want to stir the pot I’m just curious is that all water under the bridge or, do you still need to wear galoshes around each other?

Chris Frantz: think any band that’s been together a long time has had twists and turns and ups and downs and we’ve all said things; and we’ve all maybe done things that the others didn’t approve of, BUT: I think we love each other and we made such great music together, and this movie–I mean–DAMN. This movie is so good that we all agreed we’ve got to get together and protect our legacy–which is so great!

I don’t expect to see and hear Talking Heads play again, and that is fine. But it makes me feel relief to know that in the process of coming to an agreement about the handling of their classic concert film they’ve had what seems to be a genuine rapprochement.

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