More Commit Messages

More work on this darn website, which is very enjoyable. All stored into a source control repository.

  • move postVisualization to Roanoke::postVisualization
  • move search to be a nav element and individual template to be universal
  • remove prior search invoker code and css and javascript functions
  • added body_class_addition for search
  • simplify footer radically
  • new /links/ page (link in bio is the use; highly simplified)
  • new page-links.php
  • new links.scss
  • update roanoke_scripts callback to not include unnecessary assets for the /links/ page
  • update font-awesome version puller
  • wp_nav_menu hook added
  • moved /blog/ back to / which required updating how header pagination works for blog items
  • new roanoke-navigation.php which can be used in any template
  • new Roanoke.toggleSearch JS method
  • new page-merch for Merch (Store?) page
  • page-search.php which calls in page.php (may customize later)
  • simplified roanoke-search
  • remove stub is_post_type_hierarchical() in sidebar.php
  • style.scss – much refactoring to make usage more modular, variables, form-fields, search, nav, better handling of h1 to h6 styling
  • css: fixed styling of post archive visualization
  • css: updating more usages of px to ch and rem for padding and sizing
  • css: moved comments styling to its own scss file
  • updated viridian and words templates and scss to use the new search and nav
  • new RoanokeColors, RoanokeLinks, RoanokeMenuWalker, RoanokeMerch, RoanokeRedirects, WordPressArchiveLink classes to handle various tasks
  • webmention icon for background purposes

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