Testing Webmentions with Matt Cool!

Hey, I’m a big fan of #IndieWeb as I’ve mentioned in the past. Here I’ll test web-mentioning Matt Cool’s post!. Will it work? Let’s try it out!

three comments so far...

Matt says:

thanks for the test! I’m on the edge of my seat… Will it web mention?

We only know that I added the wrong class to the ui on my blog so it won’t be readable in dark mode! (;

Joe Crawford says:

I went and looked at this again Matt and used the actual submission url and maybe it worked? It’s entirely possible my own site is not sending web mentions correctly or that in all my recent theme changes I messed up the markup from my own posts. Anyway, here’s the url for my mention: https://webmention.io/mattcool.tech/webmention/zHltDCRCJ8PZbOUbM_YP

Matt says:

I see it! I think it’s just my component that needs some work. More stuff to fix! Great to have you and Pablo give me real mentions to test with.

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