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“I hate this Sunless Saturday”

I don’t, really.

And it’s not Saturday. It’s Sunday now.

And I’m quoting the Fishbone song, Sunless Saturday.

Your homework is to read about the Black Rock Coalition. Fishbone is ska and soul, but what they are is one of the best rock bands you’ll ever hear.

I’m not good with knowing what day of the week it is. I mistook Thursday for Friday this past week. Tracy Durnell corrected me in the Fediverse, for which I’m very appreciative.

It was fun to make a vinyl record in CSS, whatever day it was.

And it inspired me further to do something big the next day, my CSS + JavaScript Cassette tape, of which I continue to be proud.

And yesterday did start out overcast, but it got nice. Kelly and I started the day watching Oppenheimer in the theater, with other older folks who appreciate a first-in-the morning matinee of a big movie. Nuclear war always makes me melancholy. The atomic age was certainly a cataclysm of technology that changed the world forever and we’re stuck with it in the same ways we’re stuck with a lot of the Frankenstein’s monsters roaming the planet and wreaking havoc. We will continue building new Torment Nexuses.

We went to Coronado for a nice walk after that. Saturday got pretty.

And this morning I decided to recreate a Mondrian piece, in CSS. A valuable exercise. The piece is from 1930 which is impossibly long ago and yet less than 100 years ago.

And now, I’ll quote Fishbone again:

Party at ground zero / a B-movie starring you / and the world will turn to flowing pink vapor stew

And time it’s to go into the ocean and play.

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