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own yr www rn! #IndieWeb

During my sabbatical I’ve learned a lot. One of the things I’ve done is made it easier to create new pages on my website at artlung dot com. I use #WordPress with a theme and plugins I wrote myself. I’ve got 20 years of posts and photos and it’s easy for it to get lost. So yesterday I made a page that I can update periodically, and as I add new cosplays, for example with a hashtag of #qcosplay it will show up on this page. My intent is to show off more of my PHP development, comics, drawings, and toy robots this way. As much as I appreciate Instagram, I wish it were easier to do this kind of thing for my posts on IG, but a website YOU control is the only way to control the way you present yourself and whether you can reach people you’d like to reach.

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